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Matt Kahn


I just watched this author on Sounds True, Matt Kahn, ┬átalk for 30 minutes and found what he had to say intriguing. If you have time, give him a listen. We have heard this message before, but I like his presentation. See what you think of his message that “the answer” is simply ┬áto LOVE YOURSELF.

Also, I wanted to say that Carolyn and I have started to discuss the book. No one else is commenting. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the content of the book. If you are puzzled by anything in it, share with the group. That is the point of a discussion. Ask questions and share confusion! I am behind and need to get busy reading but hope to comment this weekend. Please take note and add your two cents.

Sue Monk Kidd

Sue Monk Kidd, author of <em> When the Heart Waits, Dance of the Dissident Daughter, and Secret Life of Bees,</em> has written a new book <em>Invention of Wings</em>. We drew heavily from the first two books for retreat about 10 years ago. Oprah did a Super Soul Sunday interview with Kidd ( http://www.oprah.com/own-super-soul-sunday/Full-Episode-Oprah-and-Best-Selling-Author-Sue-Monk-Kidd ) and I think it is really worth your time. I am presently listening to the Audible version of it and I feel it is even better that <em>Secret life of Bees. </em>Loretta highly re\commends the book to. You may want to check them out.